License to play music in restaurants, cafes and restaurant chains

definition, as in other licenses: mechanical devices such as: audio systems of various types, audio files, discs, mobile phones , personal computers, laptops, tablets, radio, television, internet/online platforms for playing music

Tariff 2024

License to play music in a restaurant, cafe and restaurant chains

There are two types of annual blanket licenses for restaurants

  1. License for public performance of background music only, from various mechanical means , excluding business events and family events.
    See tariff according to table #1
  2. License for shows by local artists, including DJs, for which no entrance fees are charged, and in addition there is no requirement to fulfill any condition for entry (such as a minimum order). This license does not include paid shows and/or shows by foreign artists. See tariff according to table #2

The main terms of the license

  1. Reporting requirements before playing music concerning the characteristics of the business and the use of protected works:
    • Playing background music - the applicant for the license will contact ACUM and report the maximum seat capacity in the business and the number of days of weekly activity in the business.
    • Local artists' shows without entrance fees - to the extent that local artists' shows (including DJ performances) are held at the business, no entrance fees are charged for them and there is no requirement to fulfill any condition for entry (such as a minimum order) - the license applicant will report the number of days of the week on which the shows are held.
  2. Acquisition of the annual license fee - the applicant for the license will pay the annual license fee to ACUM in accordance with the parameters applicable to the business according to the ACUM tariff detailed below.
  3. First year discount - a customer who arranges a license in the first year of opening his business will enjoy a discount of 10% of the rate - for the first year only. The discount will be granted on the condition that the royalties are paid to ACUM in the first year of operation of the business and subject to the production of official documents showing the opening date of the business
  4. Seasonal annual activity will be billed proportionally to the months of activity

Limitations of the license: The license does not include use of the works in advertising, including the creation of a connection between the work/works and the product/service, use of moral rights, use of the right to create derivative works, performance rights, record rights and any other right not expressly mentioned therein.

Table No. 1

Annual fee for playing background music from the ACUM repertoire through mechanical means of playback

Number of seats Amount per year in NIS (excluding VAT)
for a full activity week (7 days)
Until 30 1,321
50-31 1,890
75-51 2,626
100-76 3,425
125-101 4,086
150-126 4,724
175-151 5,285
200-176 5,843
Above 201 17 for each additional seat

Table No. 2

Tariff for performances by local artists, including DJs, with no entrance fees and there is no requirement to fulfill any condition for entry (such as a minimum order). This tariff covers the playing of background music on the days when such shows take place.
Number of seats Amount per year in NIS (excluding VAT)
for a full activity week (7 days)
Until 30 4,623
50-31 6,611
75-51 9,195
100-76 11,989
125-101 14,299
150-126 16,537
175-151 18,498
200-176 20,450
Above 201 62 for each additional seat

Clarifications regarding business chains:

Arranging licenses from several branches of the same chain in a centralized manner will entitle the network to an operating discount of 10%. A condition for receiving the operating discount is that the branches are associated with the same brand and the same legal entity

General Conditions:

  1. The above tariffs are published by ACUM Ltd- the Authors, Composers & Music Publishers Society in Israel (hereinafter “ACUM”). The rates are determined at ACUM’s discretion and exclusive responsibility.
  2. These tariffs do not constitute license to use works from ACUM repertoire. To obtain a license, the client has to apply to ACUM in writing and prior the beginning of the usage of the work.
  3. The final license fees are calculated according to data and parameters relevant to each client. Any applicant for a license undertakes to provide ACUM with any information required for the calculation of feasible and appropriated license fees.
  4. ACUM reserves the right to change the tariffs from time to time.
  5. In case of contradiction between any terms of the published tariffs and  those on the license agreed and signed by the licensee, the content of this license shall take precedence.
  6. The sums detailed on the tariffs do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be added to any payment according to its legal rate, against a tax invoice as required by law.
  7. All the above is subject to the terms applicable to ACUM according to the determinations of the Antitrust Tribunal.


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